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Nashwa Mokhtar

Angry mum support

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*** angry mum shriek shriek shriek 🗣️ all day long Anger and nervousness take over you 🤦 The voltage is suddenly rising 🤯 and you don’t know how to control your tongue 🤬 or your expressions and you are working like a ticking bomb 😡 everyone is afraid to approach it 🙆🏼

Your relationships have been shaken because they are afraid they are close to popping in his face 😲 Your voice is at the end of the street, and you are taking back yourself, as long as it was 🙂 I am bored with this method and you control it and become another calm and relaxed person.

Come with us to the workshop (ANGRY MOM) Prepare yourself and bring your favorite drink ☕, your notebook ✍🏻 and your pens. A journey of awareness so that we can understand well, what anger does that happen to you? Enough, I won’t burn you the interesting content of the workshop 😍.

What are you waiting for? And don’t forget your friends who themselves learn to manage their anger
For 5 weeks 15 hours

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