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Nashwa Mokhtar

Self psychologist support

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Seventeen years later I experienced the boredom of alienation, frustration, a sense of failure, loneliness and helplessness, and that there is no benefit, there is no hope, there is nothing new, and there is nothing like that. Many years and days pass and we are in a place, people are born and married and remain papa and mama as well and we are a place And the past pain and the problems of upbringing we went through and your problems with your children will wake up.

Mix that makes us come when we want to go to the nearest electric socket and take it in the lap 😅 Mix does not feel it except what he tried and lived. Exile can be about a homeland, family, or alienation in your family home Therefore, I thought of a group of self-support and positive self-motivation (miniature means a very small number. We only speak in a safe environment, you speak freely and without judgments) in order to live and renew our lives and set new goals with a new plan. We will not put it down and run We will continue for two months, followers together, we meet weekly, and after the course, we will continue for two weeks to complete 80 days in our journey, support, encouragement and follow-up for change 💕.

We will deal with past pain and our problems in education, and we will surely pass on our relationship with others as friends, co-workers, family or your community. And we will discuss our journey with our children and our problems with them. 🌟 An 80-day trip in which we will wash our faces with effective practical steps The course includes a book that we will read together and discuss
❤❤ The gift of the choir 🌟 Follow-up for two weeks, self-support and self-motivation after completion. 🌟 Two discipline lectures.

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